Kitten shaped Planters

Transform plastic bottles into planters shaped like cats   Check out this buzzfeed article on how to make a kitten shaped planter from a plastic bottle! It looks like such a fun craft to do with kids!




DIY Play Doh!

Did you know that you could make your own play doh! It can get expensive to constantly buy play doh- and the kids are always mixing all the colors together!  Well, you can make play dough in bulk! Watch this video to learn how:

I’m still here!

Hi Everyone!

I apologize, I took a break from writing the last month or so.

The boys are growing up quick! I love that they are walking and exploring more.  With all the rain we have been having, it is greener and greener outside. I love it! Today I took the boys outside to teach them about leaves, pine cones, and 3 leaf clovers. They enjoyed touching each piece of nature as I talked about them.

My article called “Alphabet Summer” was published in the Nanny Magazine recently! I am thrilled to be published!!20140522-185705-68225107.jpg

And finally, I started up a “Fairfield County Nannies Group” for Connecticut nannies!!  I will write up a blog post soon with more details about it!! 🙂




He’s walking!!!

Yes that’s right! One of the twins started walking today. Not just a step.… He practically cruised around the room! I saw him take a few steps….fall…. get back up and take a few steps.    THIS WAS A VERY EXCITING DAY.   I grabbed a toy and said “Gray! Do you want this? Come here and get it from me”  He walked across the room straight into my arms…smiling and proud of himself!!  The limitations that come with not walking have been lifted from this child!

Fun with snow…. inside

It’s January…. and in January we get a lot of snow!  Are the kids you work with too young to go outside and play with snow?  Or, is it too cold to take them out?  I have an alternative suggestion: bring some snow inside to let them touch and play with.  When I worked in the preschool and it was too cold to bring the kids outside, we would bring the snow inside and put it into the water tables.  The kids had so much fun playing with the snow.

Just keep an eye on their hands- they can only play with it for a short period of time because their hands will get too cold.Screenshot*I found this photo (on google images) from the blog*

Rainbow Pasta Treasure Hunt

Just came across a fantastic blog called  It’s full of creative ideas for early childhood!  It is a great resource for nannies and parents!

This is one sensory activity in particular that I LOVE.  Rainbow pasta treasure hunt!? How cool is that!? I am looking forward to when the boys get a little older and I can start doing these activities with them!