25 Summer Activities

The summer is here! Your charges almost out of school for the summer and you are thinking of things to do with them! Check out this article I wrote in 2013 for the Nanny Magazine called: 25 ways to capture summer before it ends.  What activities do you like to do with your charges in the summer?




Alphabet Summer

Hi Guys!

I wrote an article for the May/June print issue for the Nanny Magazine called “Alphabet Summer” I’m so excited to be published in their print issue!  If you are interested in buying the Nanny Magazine you can go to www.nannymag.com to subscribe.  If you order the magazine this week you will receive the May/June issue with my article in it! 🙂


Screenshotbottom left “Fun Filled Alphabet Summer”  🙂 🙂


25 Ways to Capture Summer Before It Ends

 25 Ways to Capture Summer Before It Ends  written by Me!!

I wrote an article called “25 Ways to Capture Summer Before It Ends” for the Nanny Magazine online.  You can click the link above to read the article.  We only have 1 month left of summer before the weather begins to cool down so make the most of your summer by doing some of these activities with your charges!  Enjoy!!

If you have any other suggestions of activities to do in the summer please comment below, I’d love to hear some activities you want to do before the summer ends.

Left Arm, Right Arm

Every moment is a teaching/learning opportunity with a child.  When you are with a child the majority of the day it is up to you to take these opportunities and teach.  A child’s mind is like a sponge, they will absorb everything (with repetition).

I take J on many outings during the day in my car and I take this as a learning opportunity for her.

1.   When I put her in her car seat I always say “please put in your left arm, please put in your right arm.”  I do this every time I put her in her car seat to familiarize the difference between left and right.

2.   I give her picture books to look through while I am driving.  This will help develop her book handling skills (the proper way to open and hold a book).  Whenever I hand her the book I hold it to her in the correct direction and show her which way to turn the page. Here is a great article I found called early literacy focusing on children aged 0-3. I think you may enjoy reading it.  http://www.zerotothree.org/child-development/early-language-literacy/earlyliteracy2pagehandout.pdf

3.   Finally, I put a children’s cd on in the car.  I make sure the songs are learning songs.  As J gets older and hears these songs every day in the car she will become familiar with the songs/words and they will help reinforce her learning of numbers, colors, letters, etc. I recommend the cd called “102 Full-length Children Songs” by Twin Sisters.

I would love to hear any techniques you use to stimulate a child’s mind throughout the day… please tell me your suggestions.