DIY slime

This is an interesting project! I bet the kids would love to make slime. It would also be a great sensory activity!


Cloud Dough


Cloud Dough, made with 2 simple ingredients (baby oil and flour) can make a fantastic sensory activity for the young ones! The Happy Hooligans blog did this activity with her kids.  See how she did it here: Cloud Dough

Homemade Floam by Growing a Jeweled Rose

I absolutely LOVE the blog “Growing a Jeweled Rose.” So many amazingly creative activities are posted on that site!  I can’t wait to try them out with the boys when they get older!  I also can’t wait to do projects with them and post the projects on my blog!  But for now I will share with you projects I find in other places.  Growing a Jeweled Rose posted how to Make Homemade Floam!!  I bet the kids will love this!



Rainbow Pasta Treasure Hunt

Just came across a fantastic blog called  It’s full of creative ideas for early childhood!  It is a great resource for nannies and parents!

This is one sensory activity in particular that I LOVE.  Rainbow pasta treasure hunt!? How cool is that!? I am looking forward to when the boys get a little older and I can start doing these activities with them!