Kitten shaped Planters

Transform plastic bottles into planters shaped like cats   Check out this buzzfeed article on how to make a kitten shaped planter from a plastic bottle! It looks like such a fun craft to do with kids!




Beaded Bubble Wand

What a wonderful idea! Children LOVE bubbles! The Artful Parent posted an article on how to create a beaded bubble wand. Here is the link to the article: Beaded Bubble Wands.

Have you ever created bubble wands with your charge? What did you use to make them?

Fun with snow…. inside

It’s January…. and in January we get a lot of snow!  Are the kids you work with too young to go outside and play with snow?  Or, is it too cold to take them out?  I have an alternative suggestion: bring some snow inside to let them touch and play with.  When I worked in the preschool and it was too cold to bring the kids outside, we would bring the snow inside and put it into the water tables.  The kids had so much fun playing with the snow.

Just keep an eye on their hands- they can only play with it for a short period of time because their hands will get too cold.Screenshot*I found this photo (on google images) from the blog*

Handprint Crafts

There are so many crafts to do with a child’s handprint!  Handprint crafts can be done with kids all of ages!  Here is a list of 10 handprint crafts that I look forward to doing with the boys: (I found these collection of handprint crafts from google images.

10. Handprint Heart


9. Handprint Duck


8. Handprint Spider on a string


7. Handprint Spider on a web


6. Handprint Fall Tree


5. Handprint duck (with construction paper)Screenshot

4. Handprint Fish


3. Handprint Mask


2. handprint Santa Craft


1. Handprint Caterpillar (the hungry caterpillar craft)

What are your favorite handprint crafts with kids?

25 Ways to Capture Summer Before It Ends

 25 Ways to Capture Summer Before It Ends  written by Me!!

I wrote an article called “25 Ways to Capture Summer Before It Ends” for the Nanny Magazine online.  You can click the link above to read the article.  We only have 1 month left of summer before the weather begins to cool down so make the most of your summer by doing some of these activities with your charges!  Enjoy!!

If you have any other suggestions of activities to do in the summer please comment below, I’d love to hear some activities you want to do before the summer ends.