Kitten shaped Planters

Transform plastic bottles into planters shaped like cats   Check out this buzzfeed article on how to make a kitten shaped planter from a plastic bottle! It looks like such a fun craft to do with kids!




Early Literacy Development in Birth to Three

Early Literacy Development

 “Early literacy skills are essential to literacy development and should be the focus of early language and literacy programs. By focusing on the importance of the first years of life, we give new meaning to the interactions young children have with books and stories. Looking at early literacy development as a dynamic developmental process, we can see the connection (and meaning) between an infant mouthing a book, the book handling behavior of a two year old, and the page turning of a five year old. We can see that the first three years of exploring and playing with books, singing nursery rhymes, listening to stories, recognizing words, and scribbling are truly the building blocks for language and literacy development.”

Click on the link above to read more of this interesting article on early literacy development and behaviors.


Puzzles are important for young children’s development for a variety of reasons.

wooden puzzle

Cognitive: Puzzles increase visual spatial awareness.

Problem Solving:  Children develop ways to achieve a goal by matching the puzzle pieces.

Fine Motor Skills: Children are required to pick up and move around puzzle pieces.  They use  small muscle movements in their hands to move the pieces.

Social: Children help each other and do puzzles together (this aids them to become social with each other)


Self Esteem: Children are proud of themselves and build higher self esteem when they complete puzzles.

Hand Eye Coordination:  Children must manipulate pieces to put them in the correct place on the puzzle board.  They use their eyes to see the puzzle piece and their hands to pick it up and move it.

Shape Recognition: Children begin to recognize shapes.

Memory: Children need to remember the size, shape, color, etc. of a puzzle piece to put it in the correct spot.

2 pieces

Sources:  I found the information above from these websites-

Educational BINGO

20130806-162653.jpgEvery kid loves a good bingo game!  What better way to play bingo than to make it educational?

Around september, the beginning of the school year, you can always find fun cheap educational games in target in the dollar section.  I found these bingo games there a couple years ago.

You can also find more educational bingo games on

These bingo games in specific teach time and math.

What educational games do you like to play with the kids?

A Seasonal Activity book

Try to set aside an activity period everyday and keep it in routine as routine is very important for children. During this activity time you can do different types of educational activities depending on the age of your child/charge.

What are some educational activities that you do with your children/charges?

If you are looking for some fun educational seasonal activities to do with your kids I found a great book for it! This book is called “Super Seasonal Reproducibles” By Janet Dellosa and Patti Carson. The book is full of activities for the holidays and different seasons that you can copy and do with the kids! I purchased this book from amazon a few years ago and use it often.