Kitten shaped Planters

Transform plastic bottles into planters shaped like cats   Check out this buzzfeed article on how to make a kitten shaped planter from a plastic bottle! It looks like such a fun craft to do with kids!




Beaded Bubble Wand

What a wonderful idea! Children LOVE bubbles! The Artful Parent posted an article on how to create a beaded bubble wand. Here is the link to the article: Beaded Bubble Wands.

Have you ever created bubble wands with your charge? What did you use to make them?

Our calm down jar

George and I made calm down jars!  I recently posted about a “calm down jar” and how to make one and I thought it would be a great idea to make one with George.  Sometimes he gets a little frustrated or angry and needs some space to himself.  When he starts to become angry to a point of not being able to control himself he takes the calm down jar and shakes it.  He watches the glitter float around and begins to relax!

Materials: glitter glue, glitter, buttons, a jar, warm water, food coloring

1. First squeeze a half bottle of glitter glue into the jar.20140705-112650-41210415.jpg

2. Add warm water, glitter, food coloring, and buttons if you choose. (we had rocketship buttons bought at Michael’s craft store.20140705-112654-41214373.jpg

3. Glue the top on- or screw it on tightly. Shake Shake Shake and watch the glitter go from chaos to calm in a matter of minutes.20140705-112700-41220195.jpg

Here is a Video on how to make a calm down jar (everyone makes them a little differently)




Hi everyone! I am excited to say that it has been 1 year since I started this blog! To thank you for following, liking, and commenting on my blog I put together a giveaway package for 1 of my lucky, amazing, supportive followers/subscribers.

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