Beaded Bubble Wand

What a wonderful idea! Children LOVE bubbles! The Artful Parent posted an article on how to create a beaded bubble wand. Here is the link to the article: Beaded Bubble Wands.

Have you ever created bubble wands with your charge? What did you use to make them?


Early Literacy Development in Birth to Three

Early Literacy Development

 “Early literacy skills are essential to literacy development and should be the focus of early language and literacy programs. By focusing on the importance of the first years of life, we give new meaning to the interactions young children have with books and stories. Looking at early literacy development as a dynamic developmental process, we can see the connection (and meaning) between an infant mouthing a book, the book handling behavior of a two year old, and the page turning of a five year old. We can see that the first three years of exploring and playing with books, singing nursery rhymes, listening to stories, recognizing words, and scribbling are truly the building blocks for language and literacy development.”

Click on the link above to read more of this interesting article on early literacy development and behaviors.

Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is approaching and you are trying to decide WHAT to have your charges make for their fathers!…  I gathered a list of 5 homemade gifts that I found on the internet below.


1. Handprint Tree

Make a tree with your charges handprints.  Frame the picture!



2.  Following in Our Daddy’s Footprints

Have your charge paint on the bottom of one of his old shoes. Put the print on a piece of paper.  Add the words “Following in Our Daddy’s Footprints.” You can choose to frame this or give it as a card.


3.  Daddy’s Shoes

Take a photo of your charge wearing his Daddy’s shoes.  Attach it to this poem:


4.  Daddy Jar

Ask your charges what they love about their dad.  Have them write their responses on strips of colored paper.  Put the paper in the jar.


5. Father’s Day Sheet

Fill out this sheet with your charge. Click the link above for a bigger picture of the sheet.


MORE fathers day crafts:

1. Spoonful

2. Powerful Mothering

3. Parenting

Spring Activities

I LOVE the spring! There are so many crafts and activities to do in the spring. Here is a short list of activities to do in the spring! enjoy!


1. Teach your charges how to use describing words (adjectives) in this activity: Signs of Spring.




2.  Plant flowers and watch them bloom over time.


3. Spring coloring page


4. Take your charges to a park and teach them how to fly a kite!

(link to kite coloring page)


5. Play Frisbee in the park.


6. The enchanted learning website is packed with fun spring crafts.


7. Blow bubbles!  kids always love bubbles! they love to blow them, chase them, and catch them!



8. For more springtime activities visit these websites:


Fun with snow…. inside

It’s January…. and in January we get a lot of snow!  Are the kids you work with too young to go outside and play with snow?  Or, is it too cold to take them out?  I have an alternative suggestion: bring some snow inside to let them touch and play with.  When I worked in the preschool and it was too cold to bring the kids outside, we would bring the snow inside and put it into the water tables.  The kids had so much fun playing with the snow.

Just keep an eye on their hands- they can only play with it for a short period of time because their hands will get too cold.Screenshot*I found this photo (on google images) from the blog*