COZI app

Ever hear of the cozi app?  This could be a great app to use when working with families! I have used it in the past to stay in touch with families throughout the day. It’s a great way to keep up with the kid’s schedules, write notes in, etc. take a look at the video for more details

What apps do you like to use on the job?


25 Summer Activities

The summer is here! Your charges almost out of school for the summer and you are thinking of things to do with them! Check out this article I wrote in 2013 for the Nanny Magazine called: 25 ways to capture summer before it ends.  What activities do you like to do with your charges in the summer?



“Like a Girl”


This “Like a Girl” campaign is simply amazing.  You have to watch it!

Have you ever heard someone say “You___ like a girl”  maybe your charges have said it… or their friends… or maybe you have said it without thinking about what it actually means…This video will have you thinking differently about the saying.  This saying could potentially add to the damage of a young teen girl’s self esteem and self image.

trust me… it’s a must watch video!

physical development and play grounds

I just read an article on the scholastic website about how Children’s play contributes to their physical development.

Here are some pointers I found interesting:

1. Children need 30 minutes of physical play 2 times a day.

2. Climbing steps and ladders develops leg strength

3. Pulling up with the legs or arms while climbing develops upper body, grip, and arm strength

4. Swings allow children to develop coordination.

5. Sliding down a slide develops a sense of balance.

“As a professional dedicated to the well-being of children, you can take them outdoors, step back as they explore the equipment, and observe their physical growth and development!”

To read more: Physical Development: Swing, Slide & Climb


First Nanny Meet up

Over the weekend I hosted our first nanny meet up for Fairfield County Nannies!  Only 3 people showed up to this first meeting, but that is okay! We all had a great time! We went to the OutBack Steak House and enjoyed dinner and drinks while discussing nanny related things! It is so great to get together with other Nannies who share a common interest: the love of working with kids!