25 Summer Activities

The summer is here! Your charges almost out of school for the summer and you are thinking of things to do with them! Check out this article I wrote in 2013 for the Nanny Magazine called: 25 ways to capture summer before it ends.  What activities do you like to do with your charges in the summer?




To Friend or Not To Friend

Check out this article that I wrote for the Nanny Magazine a few years ago called To Friend or Not to Friend: That is the Question

Have you ever wondered if you should friend your boss on Facebook? Read this article to find the pros and cons of friending your boss.

Early Literacy Development in Birth to Three

Early Literacy Development

 “Early literacy skills are essential to literacy development and should be the focus of early language and literacy programs. By focusing on the importance of the first years of life, we give new meaning to the interactions young children have with books and stories. Looking at early literacy development as a dynamic developmental process, we can see the connection (and meaning) between an infant mouthing a book, the book handling behavior of a two year old, and the page turning of a five year old. We can see that the first three years of exploring and playing with books, singing nursery rhymes, listening to stories, recognizing words, and scribbling are truly the building blocks for language and literacy development.”

Click on the link above to read more of this interesting article on early literacy development and behaviors.

10 Tips for Being the Best Nanny You Can Be! — Town and Country Resources – Palo Alto

Being a Nanny is a profession, and being thoughtful about your profession and working to always improve your skills will help you be the best Nanny you can be. Look on the bright side! Not only will choosing to think positively help your own personal happiness, it will also help your charges thrive. Children naturally […]

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“It takes a village to raise a child”

Interesting Article!  What do you think?

The Other Mother in Our Home: Why Nannies Make Families Stronger

“The key to a stronger family unit isn’t trying to juggle parenting and being something else. It’s about letting go and trusting the person or people who raise and educate your kids while you’re not around— and believing that your bonds with your child are strong enough to withstand your workday.”


Secondary Drowning… A must read!

Secondary Drowning…. have you ever heard of this?  I haven’t until I read this article called What Every Parents Needs to Know About Secondary Drowning.  It is a story written by a mother whose young son almost drowned… After she took him out of the water- he seemed fine so they went home…. later in the evening his behavior changed and she took him to the ER…. this story brought me to tears because it’s so scary!

Make sure to read the story it will open your eyes to something new!