Paper Lantern Nightlights

This looks like a fun craft to do with older kids! Have you ever made a paper lantern with your charges? How did they come out?

I suggest, rather than cut out the shapes with scissors it may be easier to buy the hole puncher shapes to use!


2 thoughts on “Paper Lantern Nightlights

  1. Hi! I know i have many comments all over your blog, but I have a question. I was offered a pisiton with a family who has a soon to be 3 year old girl and 5 year old boy. Should I include a stipend for a weekly allowance for getting arts and crafts supplies or baking things?

    • No problem, I love your comments! 🙂 You can if you want… every family does it differently. 1 family gave me a credit card to use… another would reimburse me for whatever I bought…. another would keep money in a specific place for me to use when needed. Congrats on the new job! Those kids are great ages!

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