Our calm down jar

George and I made calm down jars!  I recently posted about a “calm down jar” and how to make one and I thought it would be a great idea to make one with George.  Sometimes he gets a little frustrated or angry and needs some space to himself.  When he starts to become angry to a point of not being able to control himself he takes the calm down jar and shakes it.  He watches the glitter float around and begins to relax!

Materials: glitter glue, glitter, buttons, a jar, warm water, food coloring

1. First squeeze a half bottle of glitter glue into the jar.20140705-112650-41210415.jpg

2. Add warm water, glitter, food coloring, and buttons if you choose. (we had rocketship buttons bought at Michael’s craft store.20140705-112654-41214373.jpg

3. Glue the top on- or screw it on tightly. Shake Shake Shake and watch the glitter go from chaos to calm in a matter of minutes.20140705-112700-41220195.jpg

Here is a Video on how to make a calm down jar (everyone makes them a little differently)



12 thoughts on “Our calm down jar

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  2. This is a really great idea in order to channel some negative energy to a positive place. This way you are not suppressing the negative energy or thoughts like lots of people would do, your kids how to deal with these emotions in beneficial way. LOVE YOUR WORK #nannychat

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