Project: CAT

In art class, the kids made this awesome cat! I absolutely love it! It looks easy to make and a fun project you can do with your charges!


Materials needed:


card board

2 paper bags

1 rubberband


pipe cleaners

hot glue gun



1.Cut 2 triangle shaped ears and a long oval shaped tail out of cardboard.

2. Fill 1 paper bag with newspaper.  Put the 2nd paper bag over the first one (this ensures the newspaper won’t come out).

3. Glue the ears and tail onto the paper bag with a hot glue gun.

4. Paint the ears, tail, and all sides of the paper bag.

5. Let the paint dry.

6. Paint eyes and a nose onto the cat.

7. Glue pipe cleaners (with a hot glue gun) for whiskers.

8. Put a rubber band around the paper bag to form the head.

9. Tie a piece of yarn over the rubber band to act as a collar.




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