1 more week until Summer Vacation

ScreenshotSummer vacation is quickly approaching.  What are you favorite activities to do for summer vacation with the kids?   I will be working with 3 boys aged 4, 7, and 9.  Although the 7 and 9 year old will be spending the summer at various camps, we will find time to have fun together as well!  Some of my favorite activities to do with them are:

1. Go to the Zoo

2. Play Mini golf

3. Go bowling on rainy days

4. Go out for pizza

5. Go out for ice cream

6.  Ride bikes and scooters at the park

7. Do summer crafts! (which throughout the summer I’ll be posting photos of those crafts!)

8. Fun with bubbles! (What kid does not like catching bubbles!?

9. Go to the beach

10. Fly a kite!

11. Play freeze dance!

12. Go to the museum

13. Go to the aquarium

14. For a special treat I will take them to the arcade on occasion- there is an awesome light maze that they love to go through.

I am so excited to work with them this summer!!!

1 more week until summer vacation!



2 thoughts on “1 more week until Summer Vacation

  1. I am in the process of finding a full-time family for the summer (currently just doing after camp pick-up), hopefully find one within the next two weeks! Last summer, I nannied for two older girls 10 and 14 and we went to the pool, movies, mall, water park, laser tag and went out for pizza. The 10 year old had gymnastic practice 3 times a week and soccer practice twice a week while the 14 year old participated in soccer only twice a week. Older kids are very low maintenance so it was like hanging out (I was only 21).

    • sounds like you had a great summer! good luck with finding a job this summer! a previous family i worked for asked me to come back and work for them- today was my first day back, I feel very fortunate 🙂

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