Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is approaching and you are trying to decide WHAT to have your charges make for their fathers!…  I gathered a list of 5 homemade gifts that I found on the internet below.


1. Handprint Tree

Make a tree with your charges handprints.  Frame the picture!



2.  Following in Our Daddy’s Footprints

Have your charge paint on the bottom of one of his old shoes. Put the print on a piece of paper.  Add the words “Following in Our Daddy’s Footprints.” You can choose to frame this or give it as a card.


3.  Daddy’s Shoes

Take a photo of your charge wearing his Daddy’s shoes.  Attach it to this poem:


4.  Daddy Jar

Ask your charges what they love about their dad.  Have them write their responses on strips of colored paper.  Put the paper in the jar.


5. Father’s Day Sheet

Fill out this sheet with your charge. Click the link above for a bigger picture of the sheet.


MORE fathers day crafts:

1. Spoonful

2. Powerful Mothering

3. Parenting


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