Infant Twins

Working with twins has been an interesting experience so far. Especially working with infant twins.  They interact and talk with each other by making noises and laughing.  When one starts to cry, the other starts to cry.  When one laughs, the other laughs. Sometimes I think they “feel” each other’s pain and joy.

The boys mimic everything you do. (Which they should be doing)  When you tap on a box, they tap on the box.  I noticed one of the boys even follows the same tapping pattern.

One of the boys isn’t moving around as much as the other. (They are at their own pace) One crawls around the floor and the other rolls around.  I had one of the boys on his feet while I was holding his hands and he followed my footsteps and “walked” for the first time. (Of course it was with my guidance, not on his own.  He doesn’t have the balance yet to walk on his own)

I’m off for christmas eve and christmas day! I hope you all have a great holiday!Screenshot


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