When to transition to a sippy cup

I was recently presented with the question “When is a good time to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup?”  I knew the answer was by the age of 12 months babies should be transitioning to a sippy cup.  This had me thinking: What is the best way to transition to a sippy cup? What should someone do if baby refuses to drink from a sippy cup?  I did some research on the topic and found a great article about it on babycenter.com.

Here is a summary of the article:

  • Some babies start using a sippy cup by 6 months but others aren’t interested until their first birthday.
  • The best way to transition is to start with a sippy cup that was a soft nipple-like spout (babies are used to this texture from using the bottle)
  • Show your baby HOW to drink from the sippy cup by doing it yourself
  • Important: whole milk should not be introduced until 12 months

For more information about this transition read the article below:



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