Puzzles are important for young children’s development for a variety of reasons.

wooden puzzle

Cognitive: Puzzles increase visual spatial awareness.

Problem Solving:  Children develop ways to achieve a goal by matching the puzzle pieces.

Fine Motor Skills: Children are required to pick up and move around puzzle pieces.  They use  small muscle movements in their hands to move the pieces.

Social: Children help each other and do puzzles together (this aids them to become social with each other)


Self Esteem: Children are proud of themselves and build higher self esteem when they complete puzzles.

Hand Eye Coordination:  Children must manipulate pieces to put them in the correct place on the puzzle board.  They use their eyes to see the puzzle piece and their hands to pick it up and move it.

Shape Recognition: Children begin to recognize shapes.

Memory: Children need to remember the size, shape, color, etc. of a puzzle piece to put it in the correct spot.

2 pieces

Sources:  I found the information above from these websites-





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