Baggie Ice Cream

When I was a camp counselor, once every summer, we would make baggie ice cream!  This is home made ice cream (literally made in a zip lock bag)


1/2 cup milk

1 tablespoon sugar

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

1 small ziplock bag (pint size)

1 large ziplock bag (gallon size)

1/2 cup of rock salt

ice cubes (enough to fill a gallon sized bag half full)

To Do:

Step 1. For one serving, milk, sugar, a vanilla into a small (pint size) ziplock plastic bag and seal the bag.

Step 2.  Put the salt and ice cubes into the large (gallon size) ziplock bag.

Step 3. Put the small sealed ziplock bag into the large ziplock bag as well.

Step 4. Seal the large ziplock bag.

Step 5.  Firmly shake the ziplock bag for about 10 minutes (allow the children to help).

Step 6. Feel the small bag to determine when the ice cream is done.  It should have a thicker consistency.

Step7:  Enjoy the ice cream!!!  You can even add some toppings such as fruit.

Note* if you want to make chocolate ice cream use a teaspoon of cocoa powder instead of the vanilla.


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