How I got here (Part 1: Influences)

When I was a child I can’t say I woke up every morning saying “I want to be a nanny,” I was one of those kids that woke up every morning saying ” I want to be an actress.” Once I hit my teens I began to say: “I want to be a teacher.” I always loved my teachers. Teachers are role models for children. I had some of the best teachers growing up that molded me into the person I have become today. I knew I wanted to work with kids someday, I wanted to be a role model for children, make a difference , and guide kids to grow, develop, and learn.

I first want to give a shout out to three of the teachers in specific that made a huge impression on my life. They were my 4th grade teacher,  the band director to the colorguard program I was in, and my 11th grade english teacher.

“Miss Molinelli”:

I was in 4th grade about 20 years ago so my memory of that time is vague. I remember loving that teacher so much! I would go back to visit her every year until I graduated high school. In specific, I remember that she had a “treasure box” filled with awesome prizes that 9/10 year olds would LOVE to get their hands on! Erasers, pencils, fun stickers etc… Whenever you behaved in her classroom she rewarded you with a raffle ticket and on fridays she would pick a few raffle ticket winners. These winners got to pick a prize out of the box. Everyone wanted to be the winner! What could be better than winning a new fun pencil! I NEVER forgot that she did this and I always said that I would do something like this is my classroom one day. Although I don’t have a classroom, I practice positive reinforcement as a nanny. I have a marble jar and my charges can earn marbles. When the jar is full, they get to pick an awesome prize from the prize bag! Thank you Miss Molinelli (now Mrs. Rochelle ) for being such a great teacher and for indirectly teaching me about positive reinforcement. I still love you always!

Mr. Smith:

I decided to be a member of the colorguard from 8th grade-college.  This was one of the BEST decisions I made in my life.  It taught me discipline, creativity, responsibility, teamwork, etc.  One of the constants in my life through the colorguard program was the band director, Mr. Smith.  His motto was, “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is not to be discussed.”  …and trust me, you NEVER wanted to show up late to band rehearsal!  Because of his motto, to this day, I am NEVER late to anything.  I always arrive early and eager.  This is very important in Nanny work because you don’t want to show up late, this will cause the parents to be late to their job! So, I Thank you Mr. Smith for instilling in me the want and need to be EARLY every where I go! It is a great quality to have! I also want to let you know how much it meant to me when I graduated high school and moved onto college when I saw you watching me perform from the stands.  It meant the world to me that you were there supporting me!

Mr. Simonsen:

About 12 years ago I was a junior in high school. I enjoyed writing, but my 9th grade english teacher made me HATE it. She was extremely critical and if I didn’t do something her way I failed. I NEVER failed, I was a good student, but when I got a D on a writing assignment I began to hate to write. I didn’t understand why it was wrong and did the best I could to change my writing to fit her ridged box of how everything should be done.  From that year on I despised walking into english class, that is, until first semester junior year when I walked into Mr. Simonsen’s classroom.  It was his first year as a teacher and I am so glad he taught the class I was in.  He changed the way I thought about writing and because of him I LOVE to write. He made every learning opportunity a creative one. My favorite unit was poetry. I remember he grabbed a small brown chair and put it on a desk and said “write a poem about this chair, be creative.” That was it, that was the only instruction. I still have that poem, I laugh as I read back on it:


Thank you Mr. Simonsen for encouraging my creativity. I went on to college with the love of writing- I even went to grad school, 2 masters programs where I had to do A LOT of writing and now I have this nanny blog! If you hadn’t change my views and thoughts about writing I would have always continued to hate it. Thank you for the love of writing! Did I mention to you all that I am trying to be a writer for the Nanny Magazine!? A Magazine that comes to print in Jan 2014! You can view the website here:

I hope that I have influenced and will influence some of the kids I work with the way that these amazing people have influenced me. I thank them for casting a little light in my life and having a part of what built me into who I am today.

When I look back at my old poetry notebook filled with old poems I wrote, I found 1 poem in particular that I love. I will end this entry with that poem. Enjoy!




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