Straw Painting

I found an activity in a book called ” The Complete Resource book for toddlers and twos” by Pam Schiller. This activity was found on page 32, listed under “Cognitive Development Choices.” I will copy the activity in it’s entirety from the book below:


1. straws

2. liquid paint

3. paper

To Do:

“Invite the children to straw paint. Cut straws in half. Place a small amount of liquid paint onto each child’s paper. Encourage the children to use a straw to blow the paint across the paper to make designs”

ASK: “How did you make the paint move?”

Safety Warning

“Make sure the children blow OUT, not in. Cut a small slit or hole near the blowing end to prevent the children from sucking paint into their mouths.”



2 thoughts on “Straw Painting

    • Awww yayyy!! I’m SO glad you guys had fun doing this activity! I start my new nanny job tomorrow! I’m psyched to be able to do these activities with the new kids! šŸ™‚

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