Tips on nanny interviews

One of the sad/negative sides about being a nanny is saying goodbye to the family you work with.  There are many reasons to say goodbye and leave. 1. The children are older and they no longer need a nanny. 2. A parent has lost their job and they can no longer afford to keep you. 3. The family moves away … etc..

For me, I am working a summer temporary position so now it’s time to find a full time long term position.  I thought I would write down what helps me in a Nanny interview… and maybe you can find some of these tips helpful as well.

1. Dress professional (you don’t have to wear business dress, but dress nice) in the summer I like to wear a nice shirt and skirt that goes at least to my knees.

2. Be prepared:  Write down questions that you want to ask the family.  Some questions that I always ask are: A. Do you have a car for the nanny to drive or would I use my own car? B. What does a typical day look like?   C. Why is the current Nanny leaving… D. Do both parents work? D. Do you pay by the hour or salary? E. Is there vacation/holiday/sick pay?

3. Bring 2 copies of your resume. (1 for you to look at and 1 for them to look at)

4. I always make sure the inside/outside of my car is neat/clean.  I don’t want families to think I am disorganized because I have some books, papers, or CD’s thrown in my backseat.

5. Personally, it is more important to me to find the right family to work for.  So when I am interviewing I make sure I feel comfortable talking and interacting with the parents.

Well good luck to those of you looking for a new job… I know we will all find the perfect jobs for us! and please, if you have any tips on interviewing please comment below. We can all learn from each other!


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