The Notebook…

At first glance at the title of this post if you thought of the Nicholas Sparks book that isn’t what I am referring to here! Although that is a great movie, one of my favorites!

The notebook is an idea I had with the previous family I worked for.  Parents always want to know how their children’s day was. They want to know where you went, what you did, how they behaved…etc.  Sometimes you don’t mind hanging out a little longer and talking to the parents to give an update of the day, but other times you may have plans and want to rush home to get something done.

I asked the previous family I worked with to buy a notebook and keep it on the counter.  Throughout the day I would write down significant events that may have happened during the day.  I would also write notes down that I did not want to forget to tell them, maybe they ran out of a specific snack that the boys liked to eat after school.  If something major came up I would write it down but I would also explain in detail when the parents got home.  The notebook was a great way for me to communicate with the parents.

Every evening when the family sat down to dinner, they took out the notebook and read it with the boys (3 boys) This created great dinner conversation.  Before we started the notebook, when the parents asked how their day was they said “good” and didn’t say any details.  With the notebooks the parents knew what to specifically ask about.


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