Color Experiment using Ice (age 2.5+)

I remember reading about an activity with ice and food dye to teach kids about primary and secondary colors and I thought I would share it with you today.

what you need:

2 ice cub trays

plastic ziplock bags

food coloring


2 cups

What to do:


1. In a cup mix red food dye and water

2. In another cup mix yellow food dye and water

3. Pour the red water into 1 ice cube tray

4. Pour the yellow water into 1 ice cube tray

5. Put ice cube trays into the freezer.

STEP 2: After the water has turned into ice-

1. Show the child the red ice cubes and the yellow ice cubes.

2. Put 2 red ice cubs and 2 yellow ice cubes in 1 ziplock bag.

3. Ask the child what they think will happen to the colors when the ice cubes melt.

4. Allow the child to hold onto the zip lock bag or put the back down on the counter and come back to it when the ice has melted.

5.  Examine the bag after the ice cubes have melted and ask the child what happened to the colors.  Ask the child why they think it happened.

6.  Explain to the child that red and yellow make orange.

7.  You can repeat this experiment with other colors (red/blue yellow/blue…)




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