Explore a Tree (follow up)


Last week I posted a discovery activity called “Explore a Tree” and mentioned that I would post an update after I explored a tree with J.

On Wednesday, J and I explored a tree together. We walked up to the tree and she brushed her hand down the bark. This tree had rough bark. I told her the color of the bark was brown. We pulled off a piece of the bark because it easily crumbled off and she squeezed it in her hand. We examined the tree for bugs but did not see any crawling on it this time.


Sadly, the leaves on this tree were too high up to reach and examine, we will have to do that another time with a different tree. I also plan to do this activity with a tree that has “smooth bark.”  This will allow her to feel and examine the different textures of tree bark.

As we walked away from the tree J turned around and pointed to the tree. She wanted to return and explore it a little more…. so we did…

Have you tried this activity with your toddler?  How did it go?


2 thoughts on “Explore a Tree (follow up)

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