Homemade playdough

Have you ever made homemade play-dough for your charge to play with? Homemade playdough is the BEST idea. As we all know, when children are first introduced to playdough they aren’t quite sure how to play with it. Many times they stick it in their mouths. When a child puts playdough in their mouth you will know that all the ingredients are safe if accidentally ingested. SUCH A RELIEF!!

When I was working as a preschool teacher we made homemade playdough weekly, but I can’t remember the specific ingredients in it! Do you make homemade playdough? What is your recipe?

I found a couple playdough recipes on the kiddinaround.com website. I will copy and paste the recipes below from the website. Have any of you tried these recipes?

PlayDough Recipes:

Recipe 1
3 cups flour
1.5 cups salt
6 tsp. cream of tarter
3 tbsp. oil
3 cups water
Pour all ingredients into a large pot. Stir constantly over medium heat until a dough ball forms by pulling away from the sides. Knead dough until the texture matches play dough (1-2 minutes). Store in plastic container. Should last for at least 3 months.
Recipe 2
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup corn starch
3/4 cup water
Have your child mix the baking soda and corn starch in a pot. Use hands to make sure all the lumps are broken up. Add water. The adult should put the pan on the stove over medium heat and stir constantly. As soon as the mixture gathers together, remove from the heat. When it cools, have your child knead it into a smooth dough. Don’t over cook this dough or it will crumble. Recipe 3
1/4 cup salt
1 cup flour
1/4 cup water

Have your child mix the flour and salt in a bowl then add water. Knead and squeeze the dough to make a clay consistency. You may need to add more water. Note: This dough doesn’t last as long as the cooked recipes.




7 thoughts on “Homemade playdough

  1. Play dough, I haven’t done that in a while. I need to make some. We recently made a modeling clay and cooked it after making shapes. It was fun to paint once it cooled. So easy and hours of fun! 4 Cups flour, 1 cup salt and 1.5 cups water.

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