*poll* NANNIES: Are you Facebook Friends with your boss? why or why not?

Nannies: please take a second to vote above “Yes or no” Are you facebook friends with your boss?

Why or Why not?

What are the pros and cons to being facebook friends with your boss?

I am doing some research for an article and need to collect some data

Thanks for your help!


9 thoughts on “*poll* NANNIES: Are you Facebook Friends with your boss? why or why not?

  1. Yes, I am! Being Facebook friends allows me to share pictures with her family of her kids, and keep up to date on the kid’s lives. However, being Facebook friends does not allow me to post whatever I like, and does not allow for any privacy between both parties.

  2. Yes I’m just friends with the Dad boss, he add me so I couldn’t say no. I would prefer not been his friends on Facebook, but I understand with the technology world is impossible ignored what’s it’s out there. I don’t post anything negative about my life or about my work. But they know when I’m off its my personal and fun life…

  3. I am ‘friends’ with 1 or my 3 families, and have no planns to add the others. When I put up something about my car or bring busy – I get phone call apon phone call about ‘will this effect work’ if it would they would get the first phone call. The 1 drawback I have found is, when a page puts something up that their kids might enjoy – stage play, activity day at the library, etc I can’t tag them, but have to remember to email them the information.

  4. Never. my families require privacy on everything. besides new parents that you are looking at can view your postings. some of my nanny friends in Michigan like to do things that should not be posted at all. example: drink. not that there is nothing wrong with th but when its posted then anyone can see that. they also do good things .just saying. you need to be very careful what’s being posted.location of where u are with your kids etc. too many people can stalk.

  5. Absolutely not! My professional life is completely apart from my personal life. I tell my employers what they need to know, the rest is personal. I am lucky that my present employers haven’t asked to friend me on Facebook, if there are photos or anything they need to see I email them. I am interviewing for a new position right now, and one family asked if I would be willing to friend them on Facebook, if and when I got the position. I said no, and stopped the interview right there! I don’t do anything I’m ashamed of and wouldn’t want them to see, however, since the introduction of the ticker on Facebook they can snoop on me and also my friends posts that I comment on, and that is just wrong!

  6. I am friends on Facebook with past families it allows us to keep in touch and for me to see pictures of the littles and watch them grow up even if I’m far away now! Current families are a no go they don’t need to be let into my little bubble of personal life until the time comes to move on.

  7. No, I am not facebook friends with my employers while I am working for them. I would like to keep that separation between work and my private life. However, once I am no longer working for them, I do add them. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch.

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