A Box of Art

Children are creative and love to use their imaginations.  What better way to get their creative juices flowing than to have an art box full of treasures?

Use a container (any size) and add these items to it:

1. buttons (different shapes, colors, and sizes)

2. paper plates

3. pipe cleaners

4. glue

5. finger paint

6. paint brushes

7. construction paper

8. plain white paper

9. google eyes

10. feathers

11. glitter

12. stamps

13. dot paints

14. stickers

15 play-doh

16. water paint

17. smock or old t-shirt to wear

When it is time for art take a couple of the items out of the box for the child to use.

It is also a good idea to have an “art table.”  This is a table where the child ALWAYS does art.

This is a good activity to do with children aged 2 and older.



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