Lesson learned: the diaper genie disaster

With five minutes left of my work day, in my first week of work, I head to the diaper genie with every intention of throwing away the garbage bag full of dirty diapers. No big deal right?… WRONG! You see, while I have had previous nanny jobs where I changed diapers and put them into a diaper genie I NEVER had to empty it. I was as familiar with emptying a diaper genie as a toddler was with going on a roller coaster! Which basically means my familiarity was nonexistent.

I open the diaper genie by pressing the button in the middle and I see the garbage bag. “It can’t be rocket science,” I thought to myself, “just look for the dotted line and tare the bag apart just like any other garbage bag right?” WRONG AGAIN! I start pulling the garbage bag but I see no dotted line to tare the bag… so I keep pulling it. With tons of garbage bag flailing through the air and no sign of a place to tare the bag I begin to panic. “Don’t worry Jen, maybe you didn’t see the place to tare it, start feeling all of the bag.” Yes, I start talking to myself in the 3rd person when all of a sudden CRASH!! “OH NO!” I lose grip of the top of the diaper genie and the lid goes crashing to the floor! I am a mess!

WALK OF SHAME…. I take the walk of shame downstairs to ask MB or DB to show me how to properly empty the diaper genie. I felt so ashamed! I should have known how to do it!…”Ummm… I’m…. kind of… having a problem with the diaper genie, I am a bit confused… the garbage bag just keeps coming out!” I must have sounded completely ridiculous because a roar of laughter filled the room. DB happily and eagerly showed me how to empty the diaper genie. For all of you that know how to empty a diaper genie, the cutter was broken from theirs! I actually had to take the bag and cut it myself before tying a knot in it.

“Wow… now I feel silly… emptying the diaper genie is super easy…”

well… we live and we learn right?



2 thoughts on “Lesson learned: the diaper genie disaster

  1. Haha, that totally wasn’t your fault. They should have told you the cutter was broken. I even have trouble finding the line on perforated bags myself…good thing the poo stayed in the bag 😛

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