Cozi APP

Have you ever heard of the app called Cozi? It is one of the BEST APPS I have come across. The family I work for uses it daily. It is a shared family organizer and the entire family can access it with a shared password. The app includes a “calendar/schedule” which is helpful for me to look at everyday because J has lots of activities that I take her to. There is also a “to do list” where my daily duties and goals are displayed. I use the “journal section” to record the food that J eats everyday. We keep track just in case she has food allergies when she tries new foods. There is also a “shopping list” where I jot down any groceries that are needed. Since this is shared, the entire family can access and view/add to the lists.

I found this app extremely helpful for keeping us organized and on track- it’s easier than writing notes all over the house in different places. Oh how I love technology.

Do you have any suggestions on Apps that you LOVE to use??


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